Case Studies

IP Telephone

Client: Innovaphone

Services: Concept Development | System Integration | Mechanical Design | Supplier Liasion

ONYX has worked closely with Innovaphone to develop this product line, starting with the technical conceptualization in the early stages through to the technical detailing and up to close interaction with the production partner.

The new IP telephones combine modern design with groundbreaking technological details. The new housing lives up to very modern requirements, providing unique technical details such as the magnetic handset cradle creating the illusion of a levitating receiver. The telephones are equipped with a large color display with optimal resolution as well as a touchscreen or traditional buttons. By integrating the latest technology, these office telephones are raising the bar as well as their outstanding voice quality and low power consumption.

ONYX supported Innovaphone in the development of this product line specifically in the areas of mechanical engineering and systems integration. Special attention has been given to the thorough technical implementation of the design, as well as the efficient production-orientated design of the product family.


Client: Gemodo Coffee

Services: Concept Development | Mechanical Design | Supplier Liaison and Parts production

Piamo brews a cup of delicious espresso in only 30 seconds. Whether with pads or espresso powder, Piamo can do both.

ONYX undertook the technical development of this project, starting from the first idea about the evolution of the process through to the detailed design and procurement of parts for the first production batch.

The plastic parts have been designed in accordance with the aesthetic and functional requirements. Optimum selection of the desired production technologies, production volumes and production partners allowed ONYX to achieve an efficient implementation of the product concept.

Zeiss VR ONE

Client: Carl Zeiss AG

Services: Concept Engineering | Mechanical Engineering | Tooling and Production of Housing Parts

Virtual reality for everyone - Together with Carl Zeiss AG in Germany, ONYX developed the technical concept as well as the final mechanical design of their latest virtual reality headset – the Zeiss VR One.

The innovative concept combines the powerful performance of a smartphone with cutting-edge optical design from Zeiss. A wide range of popular smartphones are compatible (4.7-5.2 inch display size), by using the specific phone trays. It is as simple as installing the VR One App, sliding in your smartphone and enjoying the virtual reality content of your choice.

ONYX supported Zeiss in the development of the VRone through the transition from the design development through to the final product.

Specific attention was dedicated to both the systematic implementation of the design and the short development times up to the first production batch. For a quick production start, ONYX also supported Zeiss in this project with regards to plastic part production.

Innovative Tripod for Smartphones

Client: NerdCommunications

Services: Conzept Development | System engineering

A study for a Smartphone Tripod for taking panoramic photography.

Collaboration with both industrial design and technical concept design. Preparation of the technical requirements and commercial expenses associated with bringing the product to market and conforming to the special requirements of financing through a Crowd Funding Platform.

Next Generation Carephone

Client: TeleAlarm Europe GmbH

Services: Concept Development | Construction | Transfer to Series Production

TeleAlarm TA72 and TA74 - emergency alert systems for the elderly

In view of a rapidly aging society and people’s desire to live independently for as long as possible, intelligent assist systems are set to play an increasingly important role. The TA72 and TA74 offer multiple innovations that help manage telecare service easily, efficiently and economically. Both devices conform to protection class IP32, which protects against damage caused by environmental influences such as dust or dirt. The TA72 and TA74 units are designed to be sat on a flat surface and can also be wall mounted.

ONYX supported TeleAlarm from the early stages, including initial system concepts / stack-up integration and housing concepts right through to optimization and production of all mechanical parts for the first release.

Onyx also assisted Telealarm with the IP certification process and the environmental testing. Special attention was given to achieving cost effective and efficient tooling concepts to produce two model variations from the same tools.


txt‘r Beagle

Client: txt‘r

Services: Concept Development | Specification | System Integration | Construction

The txt'r beagle is the smallest and lightest eBook Reader, an excellent device for all your E-Books.

This E-reader fits into any pocket with its 5-inch display. No extra cables or chargers are required; two batteries provide the power for a seamless reading experience throughout your holiday - and beyond. A high-quality E-Ink display provides comfortable reading even in the brightest of conditions.

ONYX supported txt'r in the development of this product in all areas of development from the initial concepts through to the final product.

Stefanie Koch, project manager txt'r:
As a hardware startup, it is extremely important to work with experienced partners in order to bring a product successfully into production. Thanks to ONYX we were able to produce larger quantities in a short time with clearly defined milestones. ONYX was not only responsible for the mechanical design and advising us in the area of DFM (Design for Manufacturing), but also for both the manufacturer and supplier selection, and helping with the optimization of the production processes. Their vast experience was extremely valuable for us to avoid novice mistakes, to establish contacts with manufacturers and manage production successfully.

VAYA Tyffyn

Client: VAYA Life Pvt. Ltd.

Services: Concept Development | Design Support | Construction | Transfer to Series Production

The Vaya Tyffyn is a double walled vacuum isolated stainless-steel container system for carrying warm and fresh home-cooked meals.

The Tyffyn 1000 is a three-container lunchbox perfect for a hearty meal, while the Tyffyn 600 is a two-container lunchbox ideal for children or a light meal. The inner containers come in three sizes; all equipped with handy partitions which allow you to flexibly make full use of the Tyffyn.

ONYX supported Vaya from the initial industrial design guidance and optimization for the largest product volume, through to mechanical development, DFM, first production run and ongoing production optimization.

Special attention was given to the deep drawn and hydroforming production method for constructing double walled vacuum insulated shell and integrating this with the plastic components to meet all user and thermal performance requirements.


Client: Velolock

Services: Concept Development | Construction | System Integration | Part Production

The Lock8 is a smart bike lock that can be locked and unlocked with your smartphone.

Lock8 has a built-in alarm system with various sensors, which trigger the alarm when the lock is tampered with. At the same time a message is sent to the bike owner’s phone. If your bike is stolen it can then be tracked by location.

ONYX supported Velolock with the mechanical design and the design for manufacturing. Our extensive experience has been very valuable to structure the development, with clearly defined milestones. ONYX further took over responsibilities in the technical product specification and interdisciplinary system integration.

With our many years of expertise and our network we have helped Velolock in selecting experienced manufacturers and the optimization of production processes with professional support.


Client: Unify

Services: Concept Development | System Integration | Construction

OpenScape is a telephone family consisting of different versions.

OpenScape IP 35 combines outstanding usability with a clear, intuitive and sleek design. Applications and personalization options make this phone the first choice for boss / secretary environments and people interacting with multiple devices. OpenScape IP 55G has been specially tailored to the needs of top managers and executives. Premium features, materials and components emphasize this products standpoint.

ONYX undertook the mechanical construction and system integration as part of the development team in this product development.

X104 - Glasses

Client: XPAND

Services: Concept Development | System integration | Construction | Supplier Selection | Manufacturing Services

ONYX developed the new X104 3D product line together with XPAND, starting from the technical design, the structural design and supplier selection through to the final implementation and production.

XPAND X104 3D glasses provide both remarkable comfort and style and feature the latest innovations. Groundbreaking improvements were achieved in a number of areas including image quality, interoperability, weight and comfort. Available in three designs and sizes, the new X104 high-end glasses offers unprecedented personal optimization, outstanding comfort, full HD 3D performance and advanced interoperability between all 3D devices.

ONYX has supported XPAND in this challenging development with concept engineering and system integration, as well as the complete implementation of the mechanical design including supervision during production.

Rigorous attention was placed on the consistent implementation of the design despite very critical space conditions.

Intelligent charging device

Client: Changers

Services: Consulting | Concept Engineering | Construction

The idea of Changers is to motivate millions of people around the world to produce their own energy in order to counter climate change.

With the ultra-lightweight solar module, the user converts sunlight into energy and stores it in a handy charger, which can meet the energy needs of your mobile smart devices. The operation of the device is both reduced and intuitive providing the user with the necessary information.

ONYX has supported Changers in the realization of this idea with technical expertise in the areas of design, quality assurance and transfer in to production.

SPRING Nilimedix

Client: Nilimedix Inc.

Services: concept development | technology assessment | system design | risk management | functional prototypes

Concept development of a micro infusion pump including remote control terminal

A completely new functional principle of an Insulinpump has been technologically assessed, secured and integrated into a micro infusion pump. This pump is attached as a patch to the skin and controlled via a remote control terminal.

To prepare the market introduction the FDA relevant documentation files have been compiled, a complete risk management file has been prepared. Development of the system has been carried out down to functional prototypes in the final form factor. Onyx strongly participated and contributed during selection of adequate Asian production partners.

„Onyx is the Partner of Choice for this exciting project” (Project Lead Nilimedix)